Jumaat, 31 Ogos 2012


Honestly...all of us wondering, why the eggs oval??? So today, I want to reveal the reason why the eggs ovals....Okey,Let's start the show....

Eggs come in different colors. No two eggs identical. Most eggs are oval, and sometimes the are long. One end is slightly larger and heavier, while the other end smaller and conical.

Most nests are shaped like a large bowl, the right shape for oval eggs to rest without rolling out and falling down. Birds that don't built elaborate nests, like the penguin, the term and other sea birds, have elongated eggs.

Since these birds lay eggs on rocky ledges or on cliffs, the elongated shapes prevent the eggs from rolling  over and breaking on the rocks. Instead they just spin around.

The adult bird provides constant warmth by sitting on the eggs or incubating them. Not only that, the bird keeps turning the eggs around so that all parts of the egg receiving the same amount of warmth...

Okey..do you get it????!! I hope so...(^_^)

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